What is Wingfoiling and Wingboarding and Why Try It

Why Wingfoil, and what is wingboarding
If you're thinking...what is up with this wingfoil thing? You are not alone and in good company. In fact, I was thinking the same thing two years ago.
Here is the short and skinny of the situation
Kiteboarding is AWESOME, this is an undisputable fact. But many people including kiters are drawn to the sport wingfoil because you can do it in more locations safely with minimal instruction.
More accessibility with less Instruction
Here is an example; If you have a lake house with gusty winds coming over trees at your dock...you will probably never kite there. But, with a wing setup you can launch and ride right off your dock. Once off the dock you can just use the wing to cruise your way through the gusty winds into the center of the lake where things are more manageable. Once there you can pop up on foil and have a great session.
Friends and Family
If you have friends or family vising and they want to try wingfoiling you can have them on a board and cruising across the water in about 20min. Maybe they won't be up on the foil but it is still a blast and they can get on the water with no risk. This brings me to wingboarding. Wingboarding is riding an SUP with a keel and no foil using a wing to propel instead of a paddle. This is awesome for windy days for people who enjoy paddling SUPs, especially in windy conditions. You can get a specific wingboard like a Tracker or add a SUPwinder stick-on keel to your existing SUP board.

Wingfoil Surfing
The biggest draw however for accomplished kiters and other watermen and women is the surf side of wingfoiling. Wingfoiling has all of the tow-in advantages of kite surfing with none of the kite management issues. Once you're riding the wave on a wingfoil setup you can depower and let the wing drift behind you with no active flying. This leaves you to concentrate on your sweet foil surfing session. If you run into a hiccup and lose the wave or want to head out to catch another...it is easy to recover by reengaging the wing and using it's power to get you back on point or back into the lineup.
Steps forward
If you want to try or get into wingfoiling or wingboarding you can book a rental or a coaching session with us at your convenience, we teach 7-days a week. Wingfoiling or wingboarding is safe enough to just jump in with both feet and buy your gear to get on the water right away. If you need help choosing equipment you can call any time or schedule a provisioning session with us and get all the help you need.